Southern Draw…Round 2. Kudzu Axil Lancero

So Pandora is playing some Pink Floyd, the sun has been out all day (snow on the way) and I was able to sneak in some time today to enjoy another great Southern Draw cigar. Overall a very good day. As I mentioned in my last review, Southern Draw is a veteran owned and operated company out of Texas. I have had the pleasure of trying out the QuickDraw (Reviewed) and today we are smoking the Kudzu Axil 6.5 x 40 Lancero.


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habana Oscuro

Binder:Cuban seed Nicaraguan tobaccos

Filler: Cuban seed Nicaraguan tobaccos

Looking at this cigar, it is a nice dark reddish/brown, rugged cigar with a closed foot and a pigtail cap. The seams blend well into the rugged profile of this stick. The double band really works well against the dark backdrop of the cigar. Because of the closed foot, the wrapper and foot produce the same notes of barnyard and wood.

20170309_104921-01[1].jpeg               20170309_105116-01[1]

I start with a straight guillotine cut and the cold draw offers some cocoa, cedar and a little spice. Using a wooden match to kick things off, I immediately get cedar, some nice pepper, leather and earth. Shortly into this first third a nice sweetness appears that taste of cocoa and a little cinnamon. The draw is open with a little resistance which is perfect for this lancero. The burn is a little jagged but it is very windy out today. Moving into the more of the first third, the sweetness takes a backseat to a nice woodsy cedar that has come to the forefront. There is a heavy black pepper that comes through on the retrohale.

Transitioning into the second half provides more of the same nice profiles. Nothing crazy has jumped out at me and the flavors alternate from wood to sweet and back again. The wood seems to be the prominent flavor I am picking up but it is more of a charred oak as opposed to the cedar that kicked things off. There are brief notes of hay or grass but very subtle. The draw and burn are still both good. I did have to touch up a bit but we are getting 35 to 40 mph gust here today so that explains the uneven burn. I smoked this cigar once before and the burn was crisp and razor sharp throughout so this holds no weight in this review to me. So far, for me, this is a nice medium strength, full flavored stick and I am really enjoying the flavor profile.

Moving out of the halfway to final third is where I found this cigar to really stand out. The blend really showed me what it had at this point and started to get better and better. I found myself having to remind me to slow down and take my time with it because it really had an amazing flavor and kept me wanting more from it. The pepper was less noticeable but still there and the wood, earth and combo of cinnamon and cocoa really blended well. As I moved into the final few puffs, there was a slight bitterness but I nubbed the hell out of this stick so it’s no surprise. I would say the final third ranked more towards the medium-full strength with a full flavor profile.


Overall, this was another great showing by Southern Draw cigars. I really enjoyed this cigar from start to finish and it performed well even in less than ideal conditions. The draw kept a little resistance throughout and the burn required only 1 minor touch up in high winds. Burn time was right at 1 hour 50 minutes and I think it burned a little quick because of the wind. I think this is a great cigar that will be added to my rotation and I would recommend this to smokers at all levels. It is complex enough for advance smokers to enjoy but is smooth enough and more medium than full so new smokers shouldn’t be intimated by it.

I encourage all of you to visit and order yours today. They also have some really cool merchandise for you to show your support. As I stated before, they are a veteran run company so that hits close to home for me. They always take great care of their customers. I was contacted by someone after they read my review of the QuickDraw that placed an order they couldn’t be happier with the experience and the great service they received. They messaged me today and told me they absolutely enjoyed the first one they smoked. Getting feedback like that always makes doing these worth it. Connecting people to great products and companies is what this is all about.

I want to thank both Robert and Sharon Holt for the package they sent and for allowing me this opportunity to review their cigars. From start to finish everything about Southern Draw Cigars is top notch. The packaging is great, the look and feel of the cigars and the brand is great and the cigars are top notch. I hope you enjoyed the review. Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and reviews here as always. Until next time, long ashes and full glasses.



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