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A little bit about the company from their website:

Southern Draw Cigars » About Us

Southern Draw Cigars was founded by U.S. Veterans with a desire to recognize and defend our southern traditions, while honoring the history of tobacco and those resilient families who have cultivated, fermented and aged it to perfection. In collaboration with our seasoned partners that hail from a proud culture in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico and now reside in Nicaragua, which is highly regarded as the best cigar producing region of the world. Southern Draw may very well be considered a “newcomer” to this industry be we aren’t new to cigars and we offer only custom blended cigars that are hand crafted from only fine and rare aged Cuban seed tobaccos afforded us by AJ Fernandez and the dedicated team at Tabacalera Fernandez located in the heart of Estelí, Nicaragua. There are obviously many very good cigars available so we won’t attempt to simply stake claim to ultra-premium or boutique definitions but we currently produce a monthly limit of 5,000 cigars per blend, so we urge you to continue to enjoy them. Perfection may be unachievable but we will keep trying, under the watchful eye of a 3rd Generation Cuban and Master Tobacconist and with focus on the simple but powerful words of Charles Simmons “true greatness consists in being great in little things” and it is our belief at Southern Draw that “integrity is the first step to true greatness…” We go with God’s Grace and may God Bless you all.

I received my package of cigars and right off the bat you can tell that just by looking at the packaging that they are doing things differently and doing it right. The sealed bag is of great quality and the cigars are nicely packaged with a Boveda humidification package. Included in my package was a hand written card from the owners which was a very nice personal touch.


So with all that said, let’s jump into this smoke.

Wrapper: Pa Broadleaf Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan/Honduran Rolled: Tabacalera Fernandez  MSRP: Approx. $5

This is the short Panatela version of this cigar (5.5 x 40).

Looking at this cigar, it is a rugged looking stick with a closed foot and a pigtail cap. The dark chocolate Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper contrast very nicely with the red and gold band. It feels rough to the touch and it is firm throughout with no soft spots. Off the foot I pick up a bitter-sweet chocolate, hay, and earth.





Using a straight guillotine cut, the cold draw offers a nice open, easy draw with notes of earth, cocoa and wood. I used a wooden match to kick things off and immediately I am hit with a bitter-sweet dark chocolate, earth and black pepper spice. As I work my way through the first third the pepper falls off and the woodsy notes really start to show a presence. The draw is still open, the burn is even and there is a lot of smoke coming off of this stick. The ash is tight and holds on for about a half inch. So far it ranges in the medium range in body and strength.


Moving into the second half  there isn’t a huge transition from the first third and it remains fairly consistent   I am finding cedar, espresso, earth and a subtle sweetness. I am surprised at the amount of smoke coming from this size cigar. The strength has turned in a more medium/full bodied which is something I did not anticipate.

As I moved into the final third, again it was very consistent and the profile didn’t change radically. For me, this is something I like a lot. I am not a fan of big transitions and flavor changes. I am still finding a lot of cedar notes with hints of dark chocolate or espresso bitter-sweet flavors. There is a little pepper spice on the retrohale and the draw and burn are still both very nice. I have not needed to touch this cigar up at all and the draw has been very easy throughout. Although it is a smaller gauge cigar, it holds it’s on in the amount of smoke it produces, the flavor profile and in strength. It finishes on the medium to full side with a lot of consistency and balance. You won’t find a lot of change throughout but it is also not a one dimensional cigar either. It is complex enough to hold your attention and the change in strength can sneak up on you.


Overall, for me, I really enjoyed this cigar in this size. It is a great cigar for times that you don’t have a lot of time to sit and smoke a bigger cigar. That said, for a smaller cigar, it packs a ton of flavor and body into a small package. I found it to be an easy, flavorful, complex cigar with a rugged look and a nice flavor blend. It is a great, quick smoke that will be enjoyed by anyone that enjoys a full bodied cigar. If you are new to cigars, I would take my time with it. This is certainly a cigar that will be added to my rotation soon. It is a perfect fit for the really cold days that I want to smoke and don’t want to freeze.


I look forward to reviewing the Kudzu Axil Lancero next. I smoked one the other day and it was just as impressive. I hope you enjoyed the review. Southern Draw really makes a nice addition to any humidor. As a veteran myself, it is great to see Veteran owned and run company making great products and I am very happy to try and spread the word and support them. Check them out and place an order

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts, comments or personal reviews here. Until next time friends, long ashes and full glasses. Peace.



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