Review. Martial Law. Why? Because tomorrow is Nov 8th. Need more?

With the impending doom that will be tomorrow November 8th,2016 it only seems appropriate that I review the Martial Law Nomad since there is a good chance with the circus that is U.S. politics, this could be our reality if things do not change. I don’t give 2 rats asses which side of the political system you come down on. I am a fan of neither side and I think the entire system has been taken over and is failing us in more ways than we can stop it. It reminds me of the old cartoon where there is a leak in the boat and every time a hole gets plugged, a new one starts. With the recent FDA regulations more of our freedoms as conscience-minded adults are being taken and we are now being told that we cannot decided for ourselves that we like to enjoy and need the nanny state, over-reaching government to look out for our best interest and protect us. This is the great illusion, strip away your freedom under the false pretense of “safety”. To learn more about the FDA regulations and how you can help us protect our rights to cigars, please visit

If you choose to utilize your right to vote tomorrow, I hope that you will look at your state and local races with a much closer microscope and see where your candidates lie on the issues and not just their personality. Most politicians are not the most likeable people to begin with, although there are still a rare few that haven’t been 100% bought and paid for, and I hope you select people that will bring effort to issues that can help you and your community and state. The Presidential catastrophe is beyond us all and we will have to endure whatever the electoral college hands us. We have to remember that there is a lot of hate and fear mongering going on out there and things will be very contentious for some time to come. Stay safe, stay vigilante, stay aware. Do not buy into this and don’t become a victim.

Sorry for the rant but I feel like it’s important.

So the Nomad Martial Law 6 x 50 Toro. Medium – Full made by Fred Rewey and produced in the Fabrica Oveja Negra factory in Esteli, Nicaragua (Home of Black Label and Black Works Studio owned by James and Angela Brown). Featuring a Habano wrapper, Jalopa binder and Nicaraguan filler. As I pick up this cigar, it is firm and well packed, it has notes of hay and earth with some pepper. Through the nose I pick up a subtle sweetness. I choose a straight cut and light with a dual flame Xikar torch and immediately I pick up oily leather and earth followed with some pepper and then a touch of sweet. I have read others say graham crackers and that may be it but I am not sure. Whatever it is, its damn good! About 3 draws into this cigar and I am looking up pricing on a box purchase. After a view more draws and research on price, I am thinking about the name and how fitting it just may be to acquire more of these great sticks!

Moving into the second third I get a little bit of a woodsy, oak flavor and some black pepper for sure. The draw is perfect and this stick is producing a ton of thick white smoke. The notes of cinnamon or graham cracker are still noticeable but overall it is woodsy and spicy into the final third. This cigar is definitely in the medium to full bodied range and is consistent throughout the entire cigar. I am about 1 hour 15 into it and the ash is tight and about 2 inches and holding strong, the burn is sharp and precise and no touch up’s required.

The final third is dominated by black pepper and leather. The finish has touch of citrus but ends on a nice smoky oak note with pepper and citrus. After a solid 1 hour 50 minutes or so I am left with a nub that once was the Martial Law by Nomad and I really enjoyed my experience with it. Complex, a very good flavor profile and tons of smoke, perfect draw and no burning issues. This cigar was well constructed, tasty and performed very well. I would say that for me this cigar is box worthy with the exception of the box price. $143.95 for a 12 count box (roughly $12 a cigar) is the only downside to this smoke. I could certainly smoke this cigar as an everyday smoke except for the cost. That being said, the cigar is worth the money. If you have never tried this smoke, do yourself a favor and check it out. I have a C-276 in the humidor that I have heard many great things about. Looking forward to reviewing it very soon.

As always, feel free to drop some comments, your own review or questions. Be safe out there over the next few days people. It’s going to be crazy! Remember, United We Stand…Divided We Fall. And they are working hard to divide us at every turn!



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