Follow Along and Join in

As we get things started here, I ask that you please click the follow button on the right side and enter the info. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, submissions for blog entries etc. You can also email us direct using the Contact button at the top of the blog.

Our goal is to get you, the readers and followers involved in the process. Please submit your photos along with your reviews of your favorite boutique cigars. Not every review has to be a boutique however, we feel that the big brands get enough of a platform to advertise so you won’t see many big box brands here. One of my favorite cigars all time is the Balmoral Anejo XO, and while it isn’t a boutique per se, it is highly unrecognized, not talked about much and certainly not a household brand even though it has been around since 1895. Exceptional cigar that is exceptionally old (XO). I will likely review cigars like that from time to time. Feel free to submit your choices. There are many boutiques that I have not tried yet and to wait for me to get to them would be an injustice to the cigar makers so by all means, take photos and submit your reviews. The whole idea of this is to get the spotlight on these fantastic cigars and cigar companies before the FDA forces many of our favorite blends off the shelf.

Also feel free to share us with friends. Cigar smokers, pipe smokers, we welcome them all. I would love to have some real deal pipe guys/gals contribute to the blog. If you know of anyone that might be interested, let them know about us or drop their names in an email.

Ultimately we want to invite Cigar reps to join in and do some Q&A from time to time and also let us know what blends are available where. And with enough luck, maybe we can get some owners to write in and do some Q&A for us that you the readers submit. If you know of any owners that may want to help us get up and running and get some exposure (although we are extremely new and do not yet have a following) feel free to share and we can try to work something out.

Please drop your comments and questions here. This blog is for you so take advantage of it and let us know what you want. Thanks for the support. Peace

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